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Are you searching for exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and an inspector you can trust? We are a certified and insured home inspection company serving the Upstate. In a world where false promises are abundant, we believe in the old-fashioned approach where our word serves as your peace of mind.

Purchasing a home can be the most overwhelming endeavor, however, our services aid in alleviating the stress. Using state-of-the-art home inspection software, our reports are hassle free from start to finish. Our motto has always been that the home dictates the amount of time the inspection takes.

What is a home inspector? A home inspector is a generalist tasked with evaluating multiple systems on a residential dwelling. The purpose is to ensure all functional aspects are in proper working order or to provide the client a clear understanding of the general condition of the home at the time of the inspection. Any form of present or future defects are documented and then utilized to the client’s advantage within the negotiating stage. It is a noninvasive overview of the home at that moment in time where specified items cannot be guaranteed.

Is it worth it? This is a common question and the answer is 100% yes! Fees always vary, but like they always say, you get what you pay for! No matter what the cost, an inspector’s job is always justified if the total value of documented defects with the home and their associated repairs exceeds the original inspection fee. Not to mention the stress it can alleviate!

Did you know? According to the EPA, the Upstate has the highest concentration levels of RADON gas. A cancer-causing radioactive gas, Radon cannot be smelled nor can you taste it. A bi-product of biodegrading uranium within the soil, Radon is prone to mountainous and central regions, but can also be detected down towards coastal lowlands. Regardless of region, both the CDC and EPA advise testing!

Never fear, our company specializes in RADON testing under our RADON certification!

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