A general home inspection includes observations of the following systems: roof & attic structure, exteriors, foundations including basements and crawlspaces, attached garages, interiors, stationary appliances, insulation & ventilation, plumbing, electrical, and heating & air conditioning.

Our additional services upon request include the following:

Air Quality – 

Are you susceptible to allergens, often sick, or just curious how sanitary the air is within your home? Though routine cleaning can help combat airborne contamination, sometimes serious toxins are not so easily remedied. 2 samples are drawn with an exterior control and interior location to provide just what microscopic particles may be present.

Swimming Pools – 

Before you take a dip this summer, make sure everything is running safely and in proper condition! Inspections include written reports pertaining to the physical condition of the pool structure, interior, and decking, if the safety features meet local requirements, and operation of the equipment, etc.

RADON Testing – 

A naturally common occurrence in all homes, radon gas can pose a long term health threat to you and your family under higher levels of concentration. According to the NCI, it contributes to roughly 15-22,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Our 48-hour-tests provide you an overall average and visual trend for piece of mind and to verify if mitigation is necessary.

Well Testing – 

Often the case with USDA loan properties in rural areas, wells provide an alternative water source to the home versus public systems. Depending on their location, depth, and overall use, health hazards can often arise. Various testing from bacteria stemming from iron, E coli, and salmonella are offered.

Lead Paint Testing – 

Buying a home pre1978? Chances are lead based paint may be present. Potential locations are crumbling plaster, rotted wood doors, and windows. A toxic threat, due to heavy metals, it can contribute to various health issues such as brain damage, vital organs such as kidneys, and to the blood stream. Especially a threat to small children, testing for its presence can only ensure the long term safety of you and your family.

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